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Statement on the Eric Garner Case


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 Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

Statement on the Eric Garner Case


It is with much sadness that we look upon the Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict Eric Garner’s killer. It is a tragic time in our nation’s history when a killing has been captured on videotape and the murderer has been allowed to go free. The unconscionable acts of Officer Daniel Pantaleo should not go unpunished by the Federal Government.

The presence of the video clearly shows that body cameras alone cannot eliminate the potential for excessive use of police force and brutality against our citizens. Community policing and civilian review boards are crucial to increase law enforcement’s accountability to the residents and stem the tide of racial profiling and brutality.

The lack of justice given in both Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s case has shown that our nation’s criminal justice system is failing our young black men. However, we are hopeful that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into both cases to determine whether civil rights charges should be brought against Officer Daniel Pantaleo and Darren Wilson will result in a positive outcome.



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