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Federation of Block Units

Federation of Block Units

FederationlogoFounded in 1932, the Federation of Block Units is a non-partisan organization made up of a unified body of Block Units and Area Councils seeking to improve the quality of life of its members.

The Federation of Block Units operate as a cooperative, self-help organization for home and neighborhood improvement projects, promoting communication and cooperation among residents of the block.federation

Among the many benefits of the Federation of Block Units, a block unit in your community will help you and your neighbors to:

  • Create a sense of neighborliness in your community.
  • Develop a teamwork spirit in overcoming problems related to your community.
  • Increase the use of neighborhood resources, such as gardens, parks and walkways.
  • Enhance cooperation among citizens, government, and volunteer organizations with the goal of a safer and more stable neighborhood environment.

For assistance and instruction on how you can organize a block unit in your neighborhood, call the Federation of Block Units at (314) 615-3618.

Neighbors work together to identify needs, organize projects and empower residents, churches and businesses to improve their community.

Home and neighborhood projects include:

  • Annual Assembly
  • Annual Block Yard is Beautiful contest
  • National Night Out

The Federation of Block Units seeks to improve the socio-economic climate of the African-American community. Over its 80+ year history, the Federation has addressed many issues, including:

  • Abandoned cars
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Crime Derelict buildings
  • Health Issues
  • Poor alley lighting
  • Unrepaired streets
  • Vacant lots

For more information, contact (314) 615-3618.


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